Indianapolis Professional Association

Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards Breakfast


Highlights the scholastic and other accomplishments of local African-American scholars. This event highlights the academic achievement and community contributions of college-bound minority students from Marion County high schools. Honorees are provided $500 book awards to assist them with financing their studies..

Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment Breakfast


Provides a positive forum for youth, families and others to learn ways to pro-actively deal with the educational, economic and other challenges facing minority youth today. Local organizations, programs, students and mentors are recognized for volunteers efforts in civic improvement and mentoring at risk youth in the merits of “giving back” to the community.




The creation and foundation of the Indianapolis Professional Association in 1984 were based mainly on networking, joining forces and collaborating with other professionals, businesspersons, groups and organizations to deal with prevalent and common issues of concern which affects the minority populace to make a greater impact and avoid a duplication of effort; IPA’s Networking mission is to bring to the forefront and highlight local black and other businesses, professionals and civic organization which are providing needed services in the local community.

During the immediate last few years, through both IPA’s Spring Organizational Networking Luncheon (Formed in 2004) and its Fall Networking/Fundraising Event (emanated from IPA’s Business Card Exchange created in 1988), these standing events have all been successful and meaning forums. They have covered such topics as diversity in both education and employment, two showcases of local minority professionals and businesspersons in 13 categories, the local tech scene and two programs on mentoring in Indy. Additionally, IPA’s 2018 Fall Networking/Fundraiser Event covered “The State of the Local Minority Economy”