Indianapolis Professional Association

IPA was founded in October, 1984 by six far-sighted attorneys and a judge who were members of the Marion County Bar Association, a legal professional organization, comprised of mostly African-American attorneys. The members were Judge Taylor Baker Jr., Attorneys Bernard Huff, Mae Jimison, Nora Peoples, Ted Wilson, Willard Ransom, and Coleman Moore. On January 26, 1985, the official name, structure, and mission were established. IPA was incorporated in February, 1985 and registered as a tax-exempt organization under both the State of Indiana and the US Internal Revenue Service 501 (c)(3).


To promote and develop the education and economy of African-Americans and to encourage others to do so To be a network for African-Americans to gather and to discuss and exchange ideas To afford assistance and training to African-Americans and others in various professions, businesses and occupations To act as role models and mentors for African-Americans and others throughout the community


Through networking, we come together in an attempt to fulfill our moral, mental, and community obligations, and in the hope that our joint effort can only serve to enhance and ultimately benefit the total community at large. We fulfill this motto through these annual events.